Weekly Gong Meditations


I am offering the mysterious song of the gongs, singing bowls, bells and more Wednesday evenings at 6:00 and 7:30 pm. These hour-long Gong Song Meditations will start with a few minutes of focused breathing and gentle yoga stretches to help us be grounded and present. You will then lie down on comfy mats (bring your own pillow and blanket) relax and enjoy the journey. I will play for about 40 minutes while you are surrounded in the Divine Ocean of Sound. Sound that you will not only hear through your ears, but that will wash through every cell in your body, releasing what no longer serves you. This is where deep relaxation and profound healing can occur.

These weekly meditations are held in my office building, a small personal setting at 216 W. South Ave., Fayetteville, AR.  Suggested donation $15.

Please call or text to reserve your spot, 479-521-3123.


Private Gong Meditations

Would you like to delve deeper into your healing journey? Together we can craft a session that is tailored to your specific needs. In my office you will lie on the massage table with the gongs surrounding you. Singing bowls can be placed directly on you, and any of the other healing modalities that I use can be incorporated (Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, massage).

I can accommodate two people, so if there is someone you would like to share the Gong Song experience with, bring them along!

Call for an appointment, 479-521-3123.


Gong Song Celebrations

Celebrate that special occasion with a gathering of loved ones to share the good vibrations of a Gong Song Meditation. Consider the usual birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, as well as New Mother, Honoring Crone, Circle of Friends and more.
Schedule your own magical evening of relaxation and healing for up to 10 friends. Call me and we will plan an amazing celebration! 479-521-3123.