Gong and singing bowl meditations are mini Rites of Passage, going from ordinary reality to the awareness of a Bigger Love, a Divine Presence that is within us and all around us. The multidimensional vibrations of these unique instruments help our brains pass from the mundane, worried thoughts over to that deep stillness (theta) and awareness of our connection to all.

There, in that expanded and timeless space, we meet our true essence, our own Divine Nature. For me, feelings of profound peace and freedom from worry flow in and out of the heart space.

I am so grateful my path of more than 25 years as massage therapist and yoga teacher led me to a yoga class that ended with a long “gong immersion” that changed my life. The ocean of sounds and vibrations surrounded me and infused every cell, and as I merged with them I had a sense that this is what Divine Love feels like. I wanted more, and was led to “Gong Camp” in Pennsylvania, with Mitch Nur, 9waysacademia. For six incredible days, 20 other campers and I were steeped in everything gong, including hours of playing gongs together! I bought my first three gongs, several mallets and bells and have been sharing this transformative experience with others through my Gong Songs ever since.

During subsequent trips to India I was able to select a wide variety of Himalayan style singing bowls and bells. I incorporate them into the Gong Songs, massage sessions and yoga classes.


Heavy Metal


In many cultures, including the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Persian, gongs, singing bowls and bells have been used as ceremonial, ritual and sacred instruments as far back as 4,000 BC. Other sources date the gong as far back as 16,000 BC.

Today’s metals are mostly bronze, obtained by combining approximately 80% copper with 20% tin. Gongmakers vary that ratio and add alloys of lead, silver, nickel, zinc, iron or meteorite in order to achieve variations in tone and vibration. Gongs, and other heavy metal instruments, are being used now more than ever in various sound healing therapies to provide a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness. Studies have shown these multi-dimensional vibrations (sound waves) can alter brain wave patterns and have a positive effect on the nervous system as well as other systems of our body/mind/spirit.

I have carefully chosen my international ensemble of “round friends” in order to provide a rich and diverse healing experience. They were made in Germany, Vietnam, China, India, Burma, and Nepal. Because my motto is “mo’ metal is mo’ better”, I will continually be adding to my collection!


Good Vibrations


Each person’s Gong Song experience is unique. Those who have received them multiple times report that each experience is different.  My intention is to feel a connection with every person and play the gongs in a way that is most beneficial to them in that moment.

It is not always easy to verbalize what happens in a Gong Song Meditation, however the following are comments from recent recipients: Otherworldly… I was floating… Dazzling color and light show… A celestial orchestra… A deep sense of connection to the Divine… Being swept clean… Gained clarity… Old wounds healed… A sense of peace and calm never reached before.

I wonder what you will experience?

Love & Namaste

Jamie Leigh White 


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