Goddess Festival–Connect to Your Divine Essence

There is a deep stillness at the core of our being. This is an infinite space from which all possibilities flow. Unconditional love from Source is in this stillness. The Gong Song helps us to connect to this Divine Essence within ourselves. Join Jamie Leigh White as she intuitively creates a cocoon of healing sound with her gongs, singing bowls and bells. Being bathed in these otherworldly sounds and vibrations is like being enveloped in the gentle love of Creation.

The session will begin with deep breathing and a few simple stretches. Then you will snuggle down on your mat (that you bring), and for the next hour, as she plays her gongs and other round friends, you will reach states of relaxation, insights and profound peace. A gentle return will complete the session.

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018, 3:00-4:30pm. Please arrive early to settle in.

Where: Unity of Fayetteville, 4880 W. Wedington Dr., 72704

What to Bring: This is a “layout” event, so dress comfy, bring a soft mat or pad, pillow and blankets so you can lie back and enjoy the healing vibrations. Chairs are available if preferred.

Costs: Suggested donation is $15, but any offering is lovingly appreciated!

For more information call or text Jamie at (479) 521-3123 or go to http://www.gongsong8.com.

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