Voyages: Weekly Gong Song

These are a few of the comments I’ve received after recent Gong Songs:
“I loved the gong meditation!! I could feel the vibrations entering my joints and muscles. Incredible. I felt like I’d had 10 massages after your class.”
“I traveled to a place far away, and wasn’t ready to come back!”
“The aroma of my mother’s cooking wafted into my consciousness and lingered for a long time.”
Each Gong Song experience is different. I invite you to join us this Wednesday, September 20, and find out where your voyage takes you!
Choose either 6:00-7:00 or 7:30-8:30 at the Little Blue House, 216 W. South St., Fayetteville. Mats are provided, and to insure your comfort bring a pillow and blanket. Donations are appreciated. 
Call or text to reserve your spot, 479-521-3123. 

Visit to learn more and to join my mailing list.  


Jamie White, Gong Goddess

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