Restorative Massage and Singing Bowl Blessings

I have a special offering for Mother’s Day!!! Gift certificates for a session that combines a therapeutic massage that will relax, refresh and renew, with the healing tones of Singing Bowls. This is a gift that will delight your favorite person–including you!

It’s easy to do! Simply email me at and let me know which gift you want. I will email you a secure “Square” invoice. When I receive notice of your payment, a gift certificate will be sent to you, or the recipient (be sure to include their email).

One hour Restorative Massage and Singing Bowl Blessing – $60 (originally $65)

One and one-half hour Restorative Massage and Singing Bowl Blessing – $80 (originally $90)

Another well-loved gift is my wonderful oil blend that I craft from almond oil and essential oils of lavender, neroli, rose geranium and jasmine. I use this as a massage oil as well as an everyday moisturizer. 4 ounce bottle – $10.

Thank you, blessings and namasté,


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  1. This such a great deal…wonderful Mother’s Day Hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day 🤗

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